Washington State PTA Bylaw Article 5, Section 2(a)(5) states:  "During the PTA year, at least one (1) member of the executive committee attend PTA and the Law, and all other elected executive committee members attend at least one (1) training which could include, but not be limited to, WSPTA Region Conferences, PTA and the Law, WSPTA Leadership Conference, WSPTA Legislative Assembly, WSPTA Emerging Minority Leaders Conference, training provided by a region service delivery team member, or other training options approved by the WSPTA Executive Committee..."

Training Opportunities for the 2016-2017 Year

The following is a list of some of the many training opportunities that apply to the 2016-2017 WSPTA training requirement.  The below list is very Region 6 specific.  An officer many take training with any region in Washington State.

Washington State PTA Convention ** - April 28-30 - SeaTac Hilton - click here
WA State PTA Leg Assembly - October 21 - 21, Olympia- click here

Regional Training in Northshore and around the state:
Tuesday, September 6
Saturday, September 10
 Region 9 Fall Conference with PTA & the Law
 Region 15 Fall Conference and PTA & the Law
Wednesday, September 14
 Region 2 PTA & the Law
Saturday, September 17
 Region 1 Fall Training with PTA & the Law
 Region 3 Fall Conference
 Region 7 Fall Conference with PTA & the Law
Thursday, September 22
 Region 12 Fall Conference
Saturday, September 24
 Region 2 PTA & the Law
Saturday, October 1
 Region 4 Revving Up Fall Conference
Thursday, October 13
 Region 3 PTA & the Law
Saturday, October 15
 OSPI Candidate Forum
Friday, October 21
All day
 WSPTA Legislative Assembly
Saturday, October 22
All day
 WSPTA Legislative Assembly
Tuesday, November 1
 Region 3 PTA & the Law
Monday, January 16, 2017
All day
 WSPTA Focus Day

NPTA e-Learning Courses (click here for link to course listings)

**counts as training for incoming 2015 - 2016 can attend for
(list will be updated throughout the year as additional opportunities arise)

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Training Questions

  • Training Flyer - Fulfilling the Training Bylaw Requirement
    Training Flow Chart -How to Complete Training Required for All Elected Executive Committee Members
  • You may attend any Region's training classes, not just the Region you reside in
  • Classes at Convention in the spring count towards the PTA year following Convention
  • Region conferences and PTA & the Law offerings are FREE 
  • If you are a member of the executive committee of two or more PTAs, a training class taken will apply to all positions held
  • The training requirement applies to you if you hold an elected position that is voted on by the general membership in your local unit