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It's that wonderful time of year again, where the Kokanee PTA has the opportunity to recognize the outstanding volunteers and educators that serve our Kokanee family by going above and beyond! We are accepting nominations for the following awards: the Golden Acorn (for outstanding dedication to children and youth), Outstanding Advocate, and Outstanding Educator.
We are also accepting nominations for the Kokanee PTA Executive Board! Please feel free to nominate yourself or someone you feel has what it takes to help guide our PTA in the coming  2019-2020 school year, starting on July 1. Available positions include President, Co-Presidents, Vice President, Co-Vice Presidents, Secretary, Co-Secretaries, and Treasurer. As per PTA guidelines, every position is up for election every year, and each executive board position can be held by the same person for two years. 
Please fill out the forms below as completely as possible and submit it in a sealed envelope labeled “PTA Awards Committee” or "PTA Board Nomination Committee," as appropriate, via kid mail, to the front office, or via email to vp@kokaneepta.com. Please use the back of the form if you need more space.
Kind Regards,
Kirsti Norris
Awards form
PTA Board Nomination form