Here's what our teachers have to say:
"Every year I use my PTA grant to buy a variety of things, usually books. This year, in addition to purchasing some new literature for my students to read in their book clubs/literature circles, I was able to get additional resources to support each of those books. The money I received from PTA is helping students to push their thinking around character analysis and to find creative and innovative ways to demonstrate what they have learned. Without the PTA's help, I would not have the books I need to run differentiated reading groups in both our realistic fiction and historical fiction units."
-Dawn Hamilton
"Thanks to the PTA for bringing wonderful literacy events to Kokanee!  We have hosted authors Lois Brandt, Kevin Atteberry, and this year we will be welcoming Simon Calcaveccia to Kokanee!  PTA also sponsors our PopUp StoryWalk in the spring.  This year's StoryWalk will be in June...Look for Fox Rides a Bike on the Cross Country trail June 5-14.  Thank you PTA for sponsoring these amazing literacy events!"
-Jenni McKnight
"I have really appreciated the PTA grant the last 2 years at Kokanee that has allowed the all 3rd grade classes to go and see 2 different and fabulous plays at the Seattle Children's Theater: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (author: Kate DiCamillo) and Black Beauty (author: Ann Sewell). Both plays were creative interpretations of read aloud books teachers read to students. It was so wonderful to see the stories come to life on the stage for the students!"
-Kim Woodard
"Thank you to Kokanee PTA for your dedication to our students and teachers! The PTA helps find volunteers for things like our ART docent program, library helpers, and event workers. In addition to special grants to help purchase computer programs and start clubs, like yoga club, PTA has gifted me a classroom grant every year that I have been at Kokanee. These grants have helped to purchase classroom books, alternate seating devices, classroom furniture and supplies. Also, PTA has supported our efforts by hosting events that students and families can attend.
I am so grateful for the dedication and efforts of the PTA."
-Colleen McIntosh
 "On behalf of the the music team, I wanted to thank you and all the PTA members for graciously granting us the new risers. We have been working with very heavy, outdated, unsafe risers for over 15 years, but unable to replace them because of the high costs. We are so grateful that these risers are lightweight, with a back rail for the children to stand without falling. We are excited to be able to showcase them this Wed for our 3rd grade Veterans Day program! We appreciate all that you do, and thank you for supporting all of our Kokanee staff."
-Sofia Kim
"When I first moved to the pacific northwest from Texas, I was blown away at the support that Kokanee's PTA offers teachers. I was unable to transport a lot of classroom supplies from Texas and was in a stressful situation going into my first year at Kokanee Elementary. I needed to set up my classroom (the portable wasn't ready yet), prepare my lessons as well as learn a new curriculum, and learn the hundreds of systems and routines unique to each school. Additionally, I didn't have books for my classroom library nor the general supplies needed to make a classroom feel like a warm and inviting place! You wouldn't believe how relieving and helpful it was to find out that that Kokanee's PTA offers new teachers funds to get their classrooms up and going! I was able to buy what I needed to start my career at Kokanee off on the right track!

Furthermore, the PTA offers funds to teachers every year to help them with their teaching endeavors. I have bought valuable subscriptions to online programs to help my students learn, general supplies like headphones and scissors, and quite a plethora of supplies to run science experiments in class. I can't even begin to tell you how beneficial this is for us teachers. We have the freedom and "go ahead" to purchase items we know we need. The consequence being we have better classrooms, lessons, and engagement! I should also mention that the PTA annually funds school-wide programs that help us teach kids.

Lastly, Kokanee's PTA is a major organizer and proponent for Kokanee's Elementary community. They have stepped up time and again and are always putting events on that bring the Kokanee Family together. Just recently, when teachers were stuck in a district meeting, the PTA stepped up to make sure the Kokanee "Meet the Teacher" BBQ would go ahead as planned. One of the highlights for many students at Kokanee is the annual carnival and bingo night put on by the PTA. These events are excellent community nights that bring the families of Kokanee together.

I would like to go on with mentioning the watch dog program which brings Kokanee dads to school and has them working with kids, staff/teacher appreciation, the wonderful art docent program which brings art into classrooms, and PTA teacher grants; however I am becoming aware that this writing piece supporting Kokanee's PTA is lacking brevity. Long story short, support and join the Kokanee PTA! The organization truly make Kokanee Elementary a better school for kids!"
-Colby Bishop
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